Simulating Lag with Docker Containers I was building a Grafana dashboard with Docker Compose that would monitor a local service. I wasn't able to figure out if my calculations for the graph were correct because the latency was so low being that it was running in Docker Compose locally. I needed a way to proxy traffic to the service that...
Merge Kube Config in PowerShell Merging Kubernetes Config files is a rather cumbersome process. You can manually copy in the values but sometimes that doesn't always go as planned. I was looking for a way to merge Kube Config files when I ran across a great post that wasn't geared for PowerShell users. Key Takeaways Must use full path. Relative paths did...
Istio: Missing App and Version Label If you are seeing the error in Istio's Kialia that says that the app and version label are missing from the deployment then this post will help you. Istio needs an app and version labels to produce accurate telemetry related to your applications. By adding these two labels you will also have your app...
Kubernetes WordPress with Remote MySQL Access Deploying WordPress to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) was a great exercise for me to learn and improve my Helm and Kubernetes knowledge. Bitnami has a Helm chart for WordPress on AKS. The most ideal way of doing this is to modify the Helm Charts to include an additional load balancer, but, the purpose of...
Docker: NuGet Server Windows Server Core I've set up a NuGet Server on a Dockerized Windows Server Core IIS image. This is a multi-stage build that includes an MSBuild stage to compile NuGet Server (ASP.NET) and copy that into the final image. The Dockerfile installs useful utilities like Chocolatey and Vim. GitHUb: Docker NuGet Server Windows Core Also, if you're looking...
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) I had some issues with Getting Azure AKS to work with PowerShell locally so I decided to document this. This post shows how I was able to get started using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) with PowerShell. Azure provides a Kubernetes service that is capable of orchestrating Windows containers as well as Linux containers. This makes AKS...
Microservice Toolbox (MBOX) I designed this for testing and building microservices. This Alpine Docker image is packed full of tools for interacting with containers, service meshes, Kafka, and other application development needs. Being that I'm a .NET developer this is geared towards tools that align with that however, pull requests are welcomed! WARNING: This is a work in progress. I'll be...
Upgrade Ubuntu Server (21.10) to the Latest Version This guide will walk through upgrading an Ubuntu Server (21.10) to the latest version. This is very easy but there are some caveats that need addressing along the process. Update Software It's important to update your software before upgrading so things go smoother and prevent failures. To update the software on the Ubuntu Server...
.NET Microservices: Project Structure with Git Submodules After working in microservice architecture for many years I have concluded there are many different strategies to project structures. In some cases, these solutions share libraries, and code, and may rely on one another as a whole solution. With the advancement of .NET Aspire, I think this structure for a project solution is...
Terraform Crash Course I'll teach you how to get started with Terraform very quickly in this article. My main goal here is to focus on a few basic concepts of Terraform so you can install and deploy your very first Terraform script today. This is going to be straight to the point and focused on using Terraform on Windows with...
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