.NET Core: Dynamically Return Style Sheets with Web API

If you have a need to dynamically return a stylesheet to the UI here’s a quick tutorial on how to do it.

Header Template

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/api/style/style.css" />

C# Web API

    public class StyleController : Controller
        public async Task<IActionResult> GetBrandCSSAsync() {
            var config = new ConfigurationBuilder()

            // get brand from config
            string brandType = config["Brand"];

            string filePath = @"Styling\";
            filePath = $"{filePath}{brandType}.css";

            // load custom css into string variable
            string fileContents = string.Empty;

            using (StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(filePath)) {
                // Read the stream to a string, and write the string to the console.
                fileContents = sr.ReadToEnd();
            return Content(fileContents, "text/css");


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