Natal, Brazil

Natal is a city located in the further most Northeastern corner of Brazil. It is in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. I visited this city in 2013 when I went to Brazil to meet a girl. This beach is known for its giant sand dune on Ponta Negra beach. Natal has several famous beaches: Ponta Negra, Pipa, and Genipabu. This area is most famous for its giant sand dunes.

I recommend eating at Camarões restaurant. It’s very nice.

There’s a lot to do in the area. There’s an old military fort that’s really neat. Further North is Genipabu beach, Dune Buggy Excursions, and Scuba Diving. It’s a very touristy area. There aren’t many foreigners either in this area.,_Rio_Grande_do_Norte

Ponta Negra Beach

Genipabu Beach

Lagoa De Genipabu

There are some giant sand dunes with a a lake in the background. It’s a really cool place to visit.

(Lagoa De Genipabu)

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Dune Buggy Excursions

Scuba Diving