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White Tiger Martial Arts, Cary, NC


White Tiger Martial Arts, Cary, NC

The White Tiger Taekwondo & Martial Arts is THE LARGEST martial arts school in the World. There is not a school that is larger than this one and it is located 1 1/2 hours from where I currently (2019) live. I think very highly of this school and have attended several martial arts seminars for Hapkido there.

(White Tiger Martial Arts School, Cary, NC)


I’ve been to several Hapkido martial arts seminars at this school.

Sin Mu Hapkido – I was fortunate to train with Dojonim Ji Han Jae who fought Bruce Lee in the movie “Game of Death”. He was accompanied by some of his finest students including Grandmaster/Dojonim Chris Garland (Samrangdo/Jin Jung Kwan), Grandmaster Ken MacKenzie

(Grandmaster Michael Rhoades)

Jin Jung Kwan – my absolute favorite style of Hapkido is Jin Jung Kwan. This style is under the largest federation in the World for Hapkido. The instructor Grandmaster Michael Rhoades is one of the most amazing instructors in the entire United States. He is an accomplished martial artist and served as an Army Ranger. He brings real-world experience to the mats.

Rondy McKee (Owner)

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Rondy McKee is a unique martial artist. She is very accomplished at not only martial arts but martial arts business. She is a leading expert, teacher, and mentor for starting and growing martial arts businesses. You can also read her articles in Taekwondo Times Magazine.

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