Who to follow in InfoSec

As I’m learning InfoSec to further expand my software development career and delve into DevOps I’ve found some very knowledgeable people to follow in the industry. These people range from penetration testers to OSINT, malware analysis, and ethical hackers.

Penetration Testers / Hackers

Kody Kinzie

This guy is my #1 go-to for learning. Kody is exceptionally committed to learning and is the main contributor to Null Byte.

Jesse Kurus

His Udemy courses are great and can certainly help you prepare for the OSCP certification exam.


A lot of HackTheBox information can be learned from this person.

Jolanda De Koff

She shares a lot of great articles and creates her own python scripts.

The Cyber Mentor

This guy is fresh and got started in about 2015 but he puts a lot of content out and is having success with getting followers.

Malware / Exploits

Binni Shah

Binni shares an incredible amount of quality articles related to the InfoSec community. She has a background in malware analysis.



YouTube Channels to Subscribe to for Hacking