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Enumerating Samba/SMB Servers


Enumerating Samba/SMB Servers

Unintentionally leaving port 445 open or misconfiguring Samba can risk catastrophic damage to a corporation. Enumerating the Samba/SMB port can return critical information about file shares, users, printers and network groups. This can be a cornerstone for brute forcing accounts and accessing unprotected Samba shares.


Enum4Linux comes installed on Parrot OS 4.7 by default. You may have to manually install it on prior versions.

If port 445 is open enum4linux will try to communicate with the server under a guest account to gain insightful knowledge about the server. It will return information about users, printers, and file shares.

You will want to identify the sensitive and useful information in the output of the terminal.


This tool is a CLI text-based smb network browser.


This example can be found in the VulnHub: Symfonos 2

smbclient commands
-n – no password
-U account

Network Browser in Parrot OS

Another way to connect to an smb client is by using the GUI. This is very easy. First you have to click File and then click “Connect to Server..”. This will open a dialog where you must enter the Samba server connection details.

If it asks for a password on a guest account just put a single space.