Ethical Hacking Interview Questions My friend, and primary organizer of the GSO InfoSec meetup is currently trying to break into a Cyber Security career as a penetration tester. I've asked him to let me know what kind of questions they ask during interviews. I'll be posting those here... Q: How would you use nmap (or an equivalent tool) to scan a...
Gutenberg Plugin: Terminal Display Currently building a Gutenberg plugin to display Parrot OS terminal output. Github: Parrot Security OS Parrot Security OS ┌───└──╼ $ nmap -sV Terminal Display) PowerShell PS C:Usersuser> nmap -sV Terminal Display) BlackArch Kali
Parrot OS
Parrot OS Configuration This is how I set up my Parrot OS after installation. There are a few things I believe are missing that should be installed or done. I like to keep things as real as possible so this will be hackers set up. UFW VPN Kill Switch This script will disallow traffic through the ethernet and WiFi port and allow...
BlackArch Default Login / Password BlackArch Linux is a distro that is focused on pen-testing and hacking. This distro includes over 2,300 tools for pen-testing. User: rootPassword: blackarch Changing Your Password To bring up a terminal you will need to right-click the desktop and select terminals -> term Once Terminal is open type
UFW VPN KillSwitch This script will force all traffic through the tunneling adapter and deny traffic through Wi-Fi or ethernet.
CTF: PwnLab Init Walkthrough,158/ In this walkthrough, I'll be using Parrot OS. I'll break each vulnerability down and explain it. The video won't demonstrate all of the techniques that could have been applied. I will also list the techniques I've learned from others. Exploits / Techniques Local File Inclusions (LFI)Password ReusePrivilege Elevation through compiled code.Remote Code ExecutionReverse ShellSpawning Interactive Shells Pre-Attack NetDiscover First Identify...
Parrot OS
Get the Version of Parrot OS There are several ways to identify the version of Parrot OS. The easiest way to get the version of Parrot OS is to use a Linux command Another way to access the version is to click on any of the system monitors in the top. There is 3 graph looking features in the navigation bar in...
Hector Monsegur interview Operation Tunisia Hector Monsegur "Sabu" talks about hacking Tunisia and how they shut down an entire country's Internet. As a hacktivist group, Anonymous went after Tunisia because they were doing suspicious things to track down journalists and bloggers who were inciting the revolution. They were compromising the Tunisian's Internet security to identify who these bloggers and journalists were. Sabu and the hacking group...
Can you trace an IP Address to a hacker? This is a very open-ended question with a lot of variables that come into play. Depending upon how skilled the hacker is, determines how and if the hacker can mask or hide their true identity. It's also very critical to know exactly when the hacker was using that IP address because...
Attempted Hack I was recently looking through some docker logs for a web server container and I saw some suspicious commands being passed to the web server. It was very obvious with a quick glance that it was a hacker trying to compromise the web server. Out of curiosity, I decided to reverse engineer their process to figure out what...
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