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How to Learn Penetration Testing I personally believe people who want to get into penetration testing should have a very strong foundation in computer science and have either worked professionally as a programmer or an individual in infrastructure. If you still feel like you are cut out for hacking then here's a guide to how you can approach learning. All of...
Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite
Upgrading Firmware on a Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite with SSH The Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite provides the ability to create a virtual LAN (vLAN) for $129 dollars. This is a quality VPN solution that was highly recommend from someone who owns a data center. Seriously... well worth the money. Upgrading my router from firmware version 1.2 was difficult because there is a bug...
Privilege Escalation: Writing a User to /etc/passwd Sometimes an application will be misconfigured and will have the capability to read/write to the /etc/passwd file. This code below creates a hashed password and demonstrates how to echo that into the /etc/passwd file. # generate a password openssl passwd -1 # manually enter your password below... it will ask twice. i<3hacking # outputs this hashed password string $1$/UTMXpPC$Wrv6PM4eRHhB1/m1P.t9l. #...
Can you trace an IP Address to a hacker? This is a very open-ended question with a lot of variables that come into play. Depending upon how skilled the hacker is, determines how and if the hacker can mask or hide their true identity. It's also very critical to know exactly when the hacker was using that IP address because...

SSH Tunneling

SSH Tunneling When you need to access a server/client behind a firewall that doesn't allow port forwarding you can use SSH tunneling to bypass that if an SSH server is running. Pivoting is a sneaky technique that hackers use to access computers, servers, and services behind firewalls. These examples will use OpenSSH. I think most examples don't explain this well...
Parrot OS
Parrot OS Configuration This is how I set up my Parrot OS after installation. There are a few things I believe are missing that should be installed or done. I like to keep things as real as possible so this will be hackers set up. UFW VPN Kill Switch This script will disallow traffic through the ethernet and WiFi port and allow...
Customize PowerShell in Windows Terminal The all-new Windows Terminal is truly amazing and packed with many features. It is also fully customizable! I highly recommend configuring Windows Terminal to have a customized background and to install Oh My Posh. It ain't trickin' if you got it! Setting a Custom Background If you go to the settings under Windows Terminal it will open a...

Force TLS in .NET

Force TLS in .NET Versions before ASP.NET 4.7 default to making outbound connections using TLS 1.0. This is a real problem for security for many reasons. It's now been deprecated with many CVEs. Some of these vulnerabilities make TLS 1.0 vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. A lot of APIs will not accept incoming requests from TLS 1.0 because of this. TLS 1.0...
PowerShell for Hackers As I'm learning more PowerShell and dabbling into hacking I will be composing a list of techniques and scripts that I find very beneficial for administration and pen-testing. Basics ipconfig Linux Like Watch Command while (1) { docker ps -a ; sleep 5} System Running Processes Get-Process IP to Hostname [System.Net.Dns]::GetHostByAddress('').HostName Is Server Virtual or Physical? systeminfo /s %computername% | findstr /c:"Model:" /c:"Host Name" /c:"OS Name" Lookup User...
Enumerating Samba/SMB Servers Unintentionally leaving port 445 open or misconfiguring Samba can risk catastrophic damage to a corporation. Enumerating the Samba/SMB port can return critical information about file shares, users, printers and network groups. This can be a cornerstone for brute forcing accounts and accessing unprotected Samba shares. enum4linux Enum4Linux comes installed on Parrot OS 4.7 by default. You may have to...
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