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Offensive .NET: theZoo If you've never heard of theZoo and you're in the security space with some .NET development skills this is a real treat for you. The GitHub repository, "theZoo", is a collection of binaries and source code of captured and caged malware. Digging through this I found some .NET malware that you...

CTF: Kioptrix 3

CTF: Kioptrix 3 This is another OSCP like VulnHub that was very fun to do. I didn't have any issues rooting this one and was able to do it rather quickly.You will get practice with: nmapmetasploitmysql clientfile privilege escalation Enumeration I start off with an...
Docker: Parrot OS Security In an effort to make Parrot OS Security more portable the creators have been experimenting with Docker. They have successfully ported an enormous amount of functionality into a Parrot OS Security Docker image. This will make running Parrot OS Security anywhere possible. Because this is running in a Linux container...
Offensive .NET: C# Reverse Shell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqwpwusH6WU Creating a .NET C# reverse shell that is undetectable is very easy. In this example, I'm going to use BankSecurity's reverse shell that I forked. This is a real basic reverse shell. Some of the more advanced code will be obfuscated and do...
How to Learn Really Fast! One of the hallmarks of my personality and best traits is that I'm a life-long-self-learner who has mastered and perfected the art of learning technology really fast. I have a very effective way of learning technologies rather quickly. This article is aimed at people who want to continuously grow...
Who to follow in InfoSec As I'm learning InfoSec to further expand my software development career and delve into DevOps I've found some very knowledgeable people to follow in the industry. These people range from penetration testers to OSINT, malware analysis, and ethical hackers. Penetration Testers...
CTF: HackDay Albania Bank Walkthrough This CTF challenge is fun and provides a lot of opportunities to work with SQL injection, writeable file abuse and is actually not that difficult but provides a lot of opportunity to practice skill sets. I really enjoyed this one. Tools & Techniques
Brute Forcing Forms with Hydra Hydra is more capable than just brute-forcing services, this tool can also brute force web forms. Dirb/DirBuster not returning anything? Change the user-agent. Some applications can be programmatically set up to deflect penetration testing. In...
Hardening ASP.NET Response Headers (Code) A reliable way to harden your ASP.NET web application is to remove and skew the response headers via code. This will throw off automated scans that are performing banner grabbing in an attempt to identify vulnerabilities. There are ways to do this in IIS, however, performing this in code...


Samy Kamkar's PoisonTap
Samy Kamar a security researcher has developed an IoT device that runs a python script called PoisonTap. This is a great article worth reading. It's affordable and can siphon cookies, expose internal routers and install backdoors.
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